MDOL: Certified Payroll Reporting for Employers Paying Prevailing Wages


If a contractor has an official alternative work schedule of four 10 hour days can enter hours over 10 in a single day as overtime as long as the days worked happen during Monday through Friday. This has to be an established and written policy that is followed in the company, otherwise all hours over 8 must be counted as overtime. It is possible that an employee works under more than one classification during a day. In this situation, use the highest rate of pay for all hours worked or account for hours worked for each classification and hourly rate on separate lines. You will need to fill in each employee’s corresponding work classification code. The job classification code tells the government how much you are supposed to pay your employee or contractor.

At the end of the day, you need to ensure that each member of your team is being paid properly, and at the same time, that you are reporting exactly what happened in each pay period. You also need to demonstrate that you are following the requirements of the federal, state and local regulations.

Project and Location

For this reason, many contractors in Oregon simply use form WH-38 because it simplifies the compliance process. However, you must make sure that all required information regarding you and your employees or contractors is included. You must also complete and attach your Statement of Compliance to your QuickBooks payroll statement. Submit weekly certified payroll records, plus a weekly statement of compliance. First, enter each day in your payroll week, keeping in mind that your payroll week may begin on a different day than the calendar week (e.g., Monday instead of Sunday). Finally, separately list the straight time and overtime hours under each appropriate date for each employee.

  • If there is zone pay required, be sure to include it here as well.
  • This includes underpayments and potentially liquidated damages that may be assessed for overtime violations.
  • While selecting a payroll provider you need to ensure that you will get the necessary support when needed.
  • The prevailing wage is the fair wage specified for federal contractors in the Davis-Bacon act.
  • The Statement of Compliance (part of the weekly Certified Payroll Report form in Attachment 8-7) has been completed and signed by the owner or an officer of the firm.

For these states, certified payrolls need to clarify any additional regulations required by a state before submitting their certified payroll reports. Tracking work classifications is an important part of correct accounting.

What is a payroll register and how to use one?

If you work with federally funded projects, then you should know how to create and submit a certified payroll report to the US Department of Labor. A certified payroll report shows who was paid, what they were paid, at what rate, and how they were compensated (wages,fringe benefits,bonuses, etc.). If your business works on a federal contract over $2,000, you’re required to comply with certified payroll requirements. The law applies to contractors and subcontractors hired to complete construction, alteration or repair of public buildings or public works. Once construction is underway, the general contractor must obtain weekly payrolls from all subcontractors as they work on the project. The payrolls must be reviewed by the general contractor to ensure that there are no discrepancies or underpayments.

If you pay less in fringe to a party, plan, fund or program than is required, you must pay the different to the employee as wages. There are a few points of interest in these sections, starting with the prime contractor’s section.